Sergeant Rapier 1840

Rapiers like this sergeant rapier 1840 model were used by the ranks of the US army for more than 70 years. And they actually saw a good deal of fighting, because during this time America fought the Mexican-American War (1846 - 1848), the Civil War (1861 - 1864) and the Spanish-American War (1898). The big advantage of this elegant sergeant rapier 1840 model: it is lightweight. This makes the single-edged, slender blade gratifyingly nimble. The wide fuller that almost runs from the ricasso to the point of the rapier adds to its lightness. The golden grip with the riveted pommel is paired with a simple knuckle bow and a kidney-shaped cup for hand protection to result in an elegant weapon. More information...

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Sergeant Rapier, Model 1840

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

This rapier comes with a steel scabbard fitted with two rings for fastening it to a belt.


  • Total length approx. 942mm
  • Blade length approx. 800mm
  • The full-tang-blade is peened at the pommel-end
  • The hilt is polished brass casting
  • The ricasso is approx. 30mm long and has a profile of approx. 4.7 * 22.2mm
  • Thickness of the cutting edge approx. 1.0mm
  • The blade back approx. 4.3mm thick
  • The fuller is approx. 700mm long
  • At the point where the fuller ends, there begins a double-sided ground
  • Blade width at the guard approx. 22.5mm
  • Blade thickness at the guard approx. 4.7mm
  • High carbon steel 1085, approx. 52 HRC
  • Width of the blade 6cm from the point (the beginning of the two-sided ground) approximately 14.9mm
  • The blades power 6cm from the point (the beginning of the two-sided ground) approximately 3.9mm
  • CoB (Center of Balance) approx. 10cm from the handle
  • Weight of the rapier approx. 880 g
  • Weight of the metal sheath approx. 446 g

Even if this is a fully functional Sergeant Rapier, it cannot be used in combat shows, historical reenactment or similar for safety reasons!

Specs may slightly vary from exemplar to exemplar.

Premium Quality, made by Marto / Windlass Steelcrafts®.

Included in delivery:

  • Sergeant Rapier 1840 Model, 2-piece
  • With rapier
  • With scabbard

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