Goedendag, Flanders 13th/14th cen.


The goedendag is a wooden pole (thicker at the top, tapering to the lower wooden end) with a steel spike of square base anchored in a steel ring. This weapon can be seen on the frescos of the Leugemeete in Ghent. Our reconstruction is also based on photocopies of archaeological finds available in the internet. More information...

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Goedendag, Flanders 13th/14th century

The goedendag was used as an efficient weapon in the late 13th and early 14th century in Flanders by foot soldiers. It had a double function. It served as a club at first, but was also able to spear throught the armor of the enemy.

  • Overall length approx. 135cm = 53"
  • Mounting approx. 34cm = 13½"
  • Spike approx. 25cm = 10"
  • Shaft made of asw wood, diameter approx. 44mm
  • Weight approx. 2 kg

Please note: Originals of polearms often reached lengths of more than two meters (79 inches). This is more than the transport restriction allows. If you order this weapon replica with a wooden pole, it will be delivered in parts with a ca 198cm (78ichens) long wooden pole. You will have to assemble the parts yourself. All parts including rivets are included in the delivery. All needed pins to connect up the pieces including the metal strips that run down the shaft and the leather fringes are supplied.

6-Jun 2023
Steven Vansteenkiste
verified review
A marvellous item for a re-enactor as myself, living in Flanders ! SUPER !!!!!! Greetings from Ypres
20-May 2020
Sander Baes
verified review
As a Flemish citizen who is interested in the middel ages this is just too cool! Well made, no rattle. Forge marks still present. To my suprise the handle is not completly round. It has some flatter areas witch isn't really necessary but it is a welcome addition. The steel is on the softer side so the narrow (very sharp) point could bend but the rest of the spike is substantial enough to not really have to worry about it. It's a great buy for the price in my opinion!

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