Greek Javelin Head

This replica javelin head has been hand-forged of tempered steel after the deadly spears used by ancient Greek Peltasts light infantry. A peltast was a type of light infantry, originating in Thrace and Paeonia, who often served as skirmishers in Hellenic and Hellenistic armies. More information...

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Greek Javelin Head

The Peltasts or light infantry of ancient Greece were often armed with multiple light javelins, often with throwing straps to increase standoff power. Our javelin head has been modeled for use after these lighter yet deadly spears. Hand forged of tempered steel, these heads are made to fit wooden shafts of 7/8" diameter.

  • Total Length approx. 221mm
  • Blade length approx. 130mm
  • Outer diameter at the end of the socket approx. 24.3mm and inner diameter approx. 21.18mm
  • Thickness of the blade at the socket approx. 12.5mm
  • Thickness of the blade at the tip approx. 7.1mm
  • The striking edge is approx. 0.8mm thick
  • The socket is in one piece
  • Weight approx. 219g
  • They are made of carbon steel 1065
  • Hardness is 48 Rockwell

Premium Quality, made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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