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Samburu Spear with Sheath, SK-5 High Carbon Steel

The Samburu who inhabit Kenya's rugged northern frontier are a tall, lean people who eke out a living as semi-nomadic herders of sheep, goats, donkeys, camels and cattle. The warriors of the tribe, known as Lmuran, are particularly impressive: They never cut their long braided hair and decorate their faces and torsos with beautifully intricate patterns using a cosmetic mixture made from animal fat and red ocher.

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Period: Modern times / Miscellaneous

Samburu Spear with Sheath, SK-5 High Carbon Steel

Samburu Spear with Sheath, SK-5 High Carbon Steel

Samburu Spear with Sheath, SK-5 High Carbon Steel

Spear of the African Samburu People

  • Regular version
  • 2017 Model, SK-5 High Carbon Steel

Since their flocks and herds are constantly menaced by predators and subject to raids by lawless shiftas (bandits), they seldom venture outside their kraal (a fenced homestead) without being thoroughly armed. In fact, no warrior worthy of this name would think of being caught without his spear.

The Samburu warrior's seven-foot throwing spear is the most advanced, state-of-the-art spear of its type on the planet. With this extraordinary weapon, warriors routinely dispatch marauding leopards, lions and even gun-toting bandits at unheard-of distances. It could be described as the .300 Winchester Magnum of the spear world. It can be used at long range, fly straight, have a flat trajectory, hit hard and penetrate deep. Inspired by the Samburu, Cold Steel developed its own spear with modern materials.

Each Samburu spear is comprised of three distinct components:

  • the sharp, leaf-shaped spearhead itself, which is permanently welded to a thick steel shaft;
  • the counterbalancing steel butt spike - also known as the shoe - which can be used as an alternative point for practicing throwing, thus preserving the actual blade for more serious occasions;
  • the black hickory handle with its double taper connecting head and shoe.

Cold Steel's Samburu spear comes unassembled for ease of transportation. All you have to do is fit the spearhead and butt spike tightly to the handle and fasten them together with the provided retaining screws. Delivery also includes a Secure-Ex® sheath.

Please note: Cold Steel's Samburu spear is made as tough as possible. Should you however bend the shaft or shoe, the spear can be easily straightened with the aid of a vise or a hammer. Eventually, the tough hickory handle of your spear might break and have to be replaced.

SK-5 High Carbon Steel

Japanese high carbon SK-5 is traditionally used for making a variety of hand tools, including chisels and woodcutting saws. With good all-round toughness and excellent edge holding capabilities as well as excellent abrasion resistance, it has stood the test of time and seen use in many countries.

  • Samburu, 2017 Model
  • Material: SK-5 high carbon steel and hickory wood
  • Overall length: approx. 213.4cm
  • Head length: approx. 17.8cm
  • Weight: approx. 1134 g
  • Incl. Secure-Ex® sheath
  • Cold Steel Product No.: 95SB (2017)

This SK-5 high carbon steel model replaces the previous 1055 high carbon steel version, discontinued in 2017.

Included in these categories: Spears and Roman pila

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