MAA Classic Leaf Shape Spear (Man-at-Arms Series)

A true classic, the leaf-shaped spear is found throughout history and across the globe. It was used for hunting and warfare for hundreds of years by many nations - and with good reason, it worked! The long socket imports a great deal of strength, reinforcing the central ridge of the head, while the extra-wide double cutting edges and stout point puncture well. With a multitude of battlefield and hunting applications, the leaf-shaped spear was not only lightweight and maneuverable, but also suitable for throwing, thrusting and slashing. More information...

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MAA Classic Leaf Shape Spear (Man-at-Arms Series)

Cold Steel Man at Arms (MAA) Classic Leaf Shape Spear

The medieval man-at-arms was a stalwart and dependable fighter who exhibited great martial prowess with a range of weapons. He was the veteran of many conflicts and was often first into the fray. To honor these rugged, salt-of-the-earth warriors, Cold Steel has created a range of true journeyman's weapons called the Man at Arms (MAA) Collection.

These battle-ready weapons may lack the gleaming blades and polished silver steelwork of Cold Steel's high-end weapons, but they are quite similar in quality and performance. The fully sharpened and blued blades have a distinctive gun metal finish that complements the handles. And when well-oiled, they are gleamingly beautiful in their own right.

The Man at Arms collection features a selection of some of Cold Steel's finest blades, but at a markedly reduced price. If you always wanted a Cold Steel piece but couldn't afford one, this collection is made for you.

Cold Steel's modern interpretation of the leaf-shaped spear features a fully sharpened high carbon steel blade with a hard spring temper and a premium American ash shaft.

  • Material: 1055 high carbon steel head, American ash wood shaft
  • Overall length: approx. 205.8cm
  • Shaft length: approx. 162.6cm
  • Head length: approx. 43.2cm
  • Total weight: approx. 1415 g
  • Head weight: approx. 553 g
  • Cold Steel Product No.: 95MSL

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