Big kitchen knife for Asian cuisine

This big kitchen knife was designed by the professional chef, Mr. Pham Quang. He needed an ideal knife for cutting vegetables and meat into his kitchen gear. He wished a knife with a thin and maximal hard blade. Our smith forged the blade by hand from 2mm thick spring steel. The effective thickness of the material is after the forging process approx. 1.4mm. The slightly curved blade edge was hardened to approx. 60 HRC (approx. 30mm wide strip along the cutting edge). The rest of the blade is approximately 54 HRC hard. More information...

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Big kitchen knife for Asian cuisine

Important notes: 

  1. The blade is fragile due to the high hardness. If the knife as falls out of your hand on hard ground, the blade can shatter!
  2. The knife is suitable for cutting of boneless meat, vegetables etc. It is not intended for the carving up of meat or cutting of strong bones. The cutting edge could be damaged or broken!
  3. Wash the knife with hand (never in a dishwasher)! After each use, wash it, dry it, and if it is not ging to be used for more than one week, grease it or apply preservative oil (e.g. Ballistol or WD40).

Specifications of the big kitchen knife for Asian cuisine

  • Total length about 350mm
  • The blade is 245mm long and 100mm wide
  • Hardness of the cutting edge approx. 60 HRC
  • The cutting edge is ground on both sides
  • Blade Material: spring steel according to DIN 67SiCr5 (not stainless!)
  • Full-tang blade up to the metal butt
  • Handle made of hardwood (beech or oak) with sectional of about 22 * 30mm
  • Soldered metal butt on the end of the handle so that the knife does not slip out of your hand
  • Weight approx. 470 g

Made in Czech Republic

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