Germanic framea 24cm

This reconstruction of a germanic framea follows a southern germanic find from approx. 1st to 5th centuries A.D. The frame (lat. framea) is a germanic javelin similar to the ango spear. It differs from the germanic ger spear however.  Tacitus (Germania 6) describes the equipment of the Germanic warrior as follows: Even iron is not plentiful with them, as we infer from the character of their weapons. But few use swords or long lances. They carry a spear (framea is their name for it), with a narrow and short head, but so sharp and easy to wield that the same weapon serves, according to circumstances, for close or distant conflict. As for the horse-soldier, he is satisfied with a shield and spear; the foot-soldiers also scatter showers of missiles each man having several and hurling them to an immense distance, and being naked or lightly clad with a little cloak. [from Wikipedia] More information...

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Germanic framea, approx. 24cm

Our replica is hand-forged from a single piece of carbon steel. The cutting edge is slightly sharpened. It has not been polished on purpose. The welding traces lend it an authenic look.

  • Delivery does not include the shaft!
  • Material: high-carbon steel
  • total length: approx. 24.5cm
  • blade length: approx. 12cm
  • nozzle length: approx. 12.5cm
  • nozzle diameter: approx. 22mm
  • weight: approx. 210 gr.

This is an original ULFBERTH® product.

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