Double Ball-And-Chain Flail, approx. 14./15. century

This ancient medieval Ball flail was once used by foot soldiers as a deadly weapon. Each replica is hand crafted from top quality steel and wood. The steel balls are supported by chains attached to a riveted hardwood ergonomically shaped handle. More information...

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Double Ball-And-Chain Flail, approx. 14./15. century

  • Shaft length incl. the metal sleeve about 615mm
  • Metal sleeve is approx. 83mm long and measures approx. 30.4mm in diameter
  • It is secured in wooden shaft with two pins
  • The balls have a diameter approx. 55mm
  • Each ball is secured with a chain with 10 links
  • Each link is about 34mm long and approx. 15.7mm wide
  • Thickness of the wire from which the chain is made approx. 4.25mm
  • The handle is approx. 15cm long
  • Diameter of the handle min. 28mm and max. 33.5mm
  • Weight of a ball approx. 570 g
  • Total weight of the flail approx. 1852 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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