Flail with spiked iron ball

The solid steel ball is hand-forged (is not hollow) and the bolts/thorns are welded onto it. The bolts on the ball are available in two versions: with sharp (see product photo) and blunt tips. The blunt version is designed for use in public battles and theatrical show. The sharp bolts are combat-ready as well, but due to the risk of injury, it should be used by experienced fencers only AND only at one´s own risk and responsibility. More information...

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2 pcs

Flail with spiked iron ball

  • The diameter of the metal ball is approx. 35mm
  • 13 spikes with a length of approx. 25mm are welded onto the metal ball
  • The spikes are hand-forged from mild steel
  • The shaft is made of solid beech wood
  • Shaft length approx. 50cm
  • Chain length approx. 25cm
  • Weight approx. 1.30 kg

The military flail or simply flail is a weapon commonly attributed to the Middle Ages but for which only a limited amount of historical evidence currently exists for most of this era. There is evidence for the long-handled flail as a weapon of war from Germany and Central Europe in the later Middle Ages. Typically, the weapon is depicted as one (or more) weights attached to a handle with a hinge or chain.

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