Three Christmas Gift Ideas for Hunters and Fans of Hunting

Three Christmas Gift Ideas for Hunters and Fans of Hunting

Do you have a family member or friend who loves hunting, crossbows, guns or historical weapons? We have a few ideas you can use! Read our tips for perfect Christmas gifts that will delight every fan of hunting.

1. A Crossbow Never Disappoints

A crossbow is a perfect gift for anyone who likes to shoot at a target, whether at a shooting range or in the wild.

Check out our historical crossbows, which will make you feel like a seasoned marksman, whose precision and skill makes enemies tremble with fear. We offer mostly English and German crossbows used in the Middle Ages.

Our portfolio also includes other models of hunting and recurve crossbows, which are ideal for shooting in the wild or at a shooting range. These are crossbows from reputable manufacturers who are committed to high quality materials.

TIP: Do you think that crossbows are only for skilled hunters and fans of historical weapons? That is not entirely right! There are a lot of young fans of crossbows as well!

There are a lot of young aspiring marksmen who take up crossbow shooting as a hobby. If you want your children to spend some time outside and improve their focus, or just to make new friends, crossbow clubs are a great opportunity!

Get a crossbow for kids and let your children learn under your supervision at an archery range, or crossbow course with experienced instructors.

If you are not sure which crossbow you need, let us know! We are here to help. We will be happy to advise you on which crossbow suits your needs best.

Crossbow Barnett Whitetail Hunter

2. Supplies for Archers

If you (or your close ones) are more into bows than crossbows, this part is for you. Shooting a bow requires even more skill than shooting a crossbow. That is, if you want to hit the target. Archers who were able to accurately hit their target were held in high esteem in the past.

Archery used to be particularly popular in England, where it continues to be a popular national sport today. Do you know someone who likes archery? Why not get them a  recurve bow that will keep them entertained for hours?

Archers who also like history will be excited about the English longbow, which will really test their archery skills. Hold the bow, draw the bowstring, aim... and for a few seconds, everyone can feel like the legendary Robin Hood!

TIP: Bows need regular maintenance. Only then will they last for many years. Have a look at our archery guide!

As you might suspect, your list of must-haves does not end with a bow. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled archer, you will also need archery accessories, such as: bow cases,  bowstrings and archery targets. These items are a needed by archers of any skill level!

Take down bow MATRIX by Ragim

3. Swords and Daggers for Collectors

Looking for a perfect gift for collectors and fans of historical cold weapons? Here is a couple of tips!

In our portfolio, you will find authentic replicas of historical swords, historical fencing swords and smaller daggers that will look great both in your collection, and as a part of your historical outfit! Which models are the most popular?

  1. The most popular items in the daggers category are agent daggers, which are suitable both for older and for younger adventurers! There are many people who would like to turn into a secret agent for a moment!
  2. Another popular piece is the English dagger from the early 19th century, used by members of the nobility on their hunting expeditions. This magnificent weapon that served as a decoration began to be used at the beginning of the Modern Era. An easy way to feel like a member of nobility!
  3. Are you fascinated by the Japanese samurai? You will like these Japanese swords, that have become popular in the whole world!

A top-notch handmade katana or other ancient Japanese weapon is bound to delight every fan of historical weapons!

TIP: Read more about the history of Japanese katanas if you are interested in the topic.

Tactical katana

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

You didn't choose from the above? Are you looking for an affordable gift for a  LARP fan, fantasy literature fan or a fan of historical props?

Check out these affordable Christmas gift ideas for fans of history that can be used as a unique decoration as well as a practical tool in the household, office or during outdoor adventures

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