Compound crossbows

Are you pursuing the shooting a crossbow? Do you attend the historical battle re-enactments? So you will be interested by compound crossbows that are offered in this category of our e-shop. Polypropylene stock, camouflaged surface and maximum durability - these are our compound crossbows. They are used in the field. Shooting a compound crossbow is possible during any weather conditions.

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Crossbow – Silent and Fast Killer
Crossbow – Silent and Fast Killer
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The origin of crossbows dates back to the times of ancient Asia. This mechanical weapon shoots bolts with a metal tip. Crossbows were most popular in the Middle Ages - it was the only weapon that could disarm a knight in chainmail armour, safely and…
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Compound crossbows

Crossbow hunting is banned in the Czech Republic. It's totally inhumane way of hunting. Most compound crossbows and bows are designed for target shooting. They are not as powerful as hunting variants. Hunting should not be fun, but should be used to regulate the number of animals.

Mark Horton does not produce any crossbow models for children and youth or some simple models. Top quality hunting and sporting compound crossbows are offered by this mark. It is Rolls-Royce among crossbows. Shooting range of compound crossbows Horton is 40-50 metres. Compound crossbows Hunter Supreme and Hunter are modern weapons and are produced by the latest technologies.

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