English Hunting Dagger, 19 cen - sale

This rustic hunting dagger is based on a hunting dagger found in a private collection. Dating from the 1800’s it represents a rough and functional piece that a noble would have been proud to own and use while chasing and dispatching game. The single edge is hand forged and has full tang. The blade with a thick spine is crafted from tempered high carbon steel. Pommel and parry are solid metal with an antique brass finish and emulate branches or even a bear-like visage if you look close honouring nature. Grip is rough-hewn hard wood with steel tacks for great grip in any weather. More information...

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English Hunting Dagger, 19th century

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

Includes leather sheath with matching metal mouth and chape with an antiqued brass finish.

  • Total length approx. 365mm
  • Blade length approx. 245mm
  • Length of the wooden handle approx. 78mm
  • Length of the crossguard approx. 73.5mm
  • Width of the blade at the crossguard approx. 27.3mm
  • Blade thickness at the crossguard approx. 5.0mm
  • Width of the blade 5cm off its point approx. 15.2mm
  • Thickness of the blade 5cm off its point approx. 3.55mm
  • Thickness of the striking edge approx. 0.9mm
  • Threaded pommel
  • Weight of the knife approx. 312 g
  • Weight of the sheath approx. 58 g

The specifications may slightly vary from item to item.

A high-quality product made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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