Ideas for Affordable Gifts for History Fans

Ideas for Affordable Gifts for History Fans

Not sure what to buy for your family or friends for Christmas? If they like history, LARP, medieval battles or fantasy literature, we might have a few useful tips for you! Read on to find out how to delight history fans of any age! It does not have to cost arm and leg. While expensive gifts tend to be high-quality, it is not always the case, and cheaper items can be a great Christmas gift as well.

Every year before Christmas, we are getting the same kind of questions from our customers: My husband (brother, dad, son, friend) loves medieval battles or history. And every year I wonder what to buy them for Christmas...

If you want to get them something they will enjoy, we have a few tips for you. You don’t even have to be a fan of history yourself. We will help you find the right gift!

1. Miniature statues and figurines of gods and warriors

Fans of Middle Ages will enjoy a figurine of mounted knights, that will make them remember fearless warriors traveling between medieval castles, whose heroic deeds have inspired many songs and novels.

Another great option are knight statuettes, that will look well on a shelf, in their collection of other historical items, or in a display case. The manufacturers of these statuettes tried to capture authentic clothes and designs typical for the given era. These little gems will bring a touch of middle ages to every room!

If you are looking for an Egyptian theme rather than European, check out our Egyptian statuettes that will take you on a journey into the ancient past!

This gift is suitable for: connoisseurs and fans of ancient history, literature or historical computer games.

A figurine of a crusader with axe and shield

2. Knives for women and men

A knife is an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast.

Our portfolio includes knives for youngsters, which are suitable for those who like wood carving, or young hikers. Adults will appreciate modern or pocket folding knives, which can come in handy both at home or in the wilderness.

The blades are made of high quality steel to withstand even higher levels of strain during use. These knives will definitely not break after one trip!

This gift is suitable for: fans of (historical) cold weapons, hikers, woodworkers or gardeners who are looking for a reliable blade for carrying out everyday tasks in the workshop or outdoors.

Outdoor knife with olive wood handle

3. Belts for (un)common occasions

A belt always comes in handy! If you are not looking for latest fashion trends, check out our historical leather belts, that will be an elegant accessory in any man's wardrobe.

A Viking or pirate belt will be an original gift for anyone who admires these dreaded seafarers of the past. Depending on the type, the belt can be used as an accessory to historical clothing or for everyday use.

This gift is suitable for: for participants of re-enactments of historical battles and costume parties, or simply for anyone who may appreciate a reliable and durable leather belt.

Medieval Eric of Pomerania leather belt with brass fittings

4. Notebooks in leather cover

DIY enthusiasts and people with a lot of ideas will appreciate a notebook for writing down their ideas, to-do lists or appointments. A notebook with leather cover are perfect gifts for creative and artistic souls, or people interested in historical fonts.

The Tree of Life notebook belongs to our most popular items in the category. It is great for writing down memories, long-forgotten techniques and other things. A stylish leather strap keeps the notebook safer from unauthorized readers!

Our notebook with two moons and stone looks like the diary of a powerful alchemist or sorcerer, who wants to keep their secret knowledge hidden from the world. This notebook looks like it was brought to Earth from a fantasy world!

This gift is suitable for: anyone who wants to better organize their daily agenda, or write down their thoughts.

Paper Leather Journal Two Moons and Stone

5. Drinking horns for a grand feast

Are you going to throw a grand, medieval-style feast? Are you simply looking for a stylish cup for your drinks? Drinking horns are a great wall decoration as well as a practical tool for a birthday party.

Drinking horns are known to be used since antiquity, and they are still popular among history fans today. After all, can you imagine a more stylish way to propose a toast than with a medieval-style horn?

This gift is suitable for: all lovers of historical objects, especially those who have an upcoming celebration of any kind!

Viking drinking horn with leather holster

6. Historical jewellery

Jewellery has never stopped being popular, and it has been used since the oldest times. At first, jewels were not just decorations. They also protected the wearer from various disasters and attracted the favour of gods.

Even today, we wear some pieces of jewellery not because they are beautiful, but simply because they have an emotional value to us. Do you know someone who might appreciate this token of affection?

Get them a bracelet, an elegant necklace or ring, or beads that will fine-tune their historical or modern outfit.

A replica of historical jewels will delight not just random history lovers, but also people who like unique fashion accessories.

This gift is suitable for: lovers of ornaments and jewels in historical designs.

Viking bracelet

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