Historical crossbows

Historical crossbow replicas are the traditional simple crossbow. They are the replicas of historical weapons from different periods and countries. You will find medieval crossbows, gothic crossbows, German crossbows, English crossbows. These weapons were dreaded thanks to their death effectiveness. Quality crossbow with quality point could penetrate armour of a knight.


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The Medieval crossbow spent a long time as a dominant weapon in the middle ages. It had several advantages. It could be used by relatively untrained soldiers with good results. it also was a very fine ranged weapon in that it could penetrate armor from distances up to 200 yards.

Faithful replicas of historical weapons are in our range of crossbow replicas. Quality crossbow with quality point could penetrate armour of a knight. The shot could even penetrate plate armour from both sides, including the warrior inside the armour.

Later crossbows, utilizing all-steel prods were able to out-range and out-penetrate the longbow, but were more expensive to produce and slower to reload, requiring the aid of mechanical devices such as the cranequin or windlass - often necessitating the use of a pavise to protect the operator from enemy fire.

Crossbow is not a toy. Crossbow hunting is banned in the Czech Republic and in some other countries. Shooting a crossbow has its rules. Must never shoot without an arrow! Otherwise you will risk injury and your crossbow can be damaged. Shooting a crossbow is especially relaxing movement activity. Relax and calm your mind!

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