Armet 1470-90, German type

Armet, German type was developed in the 15th century, most likely in Italy, France, Spain and Hungary. It was distinguished by being the first helmet of its era to completely enclose the head while being compact and light enough to move with the wearer.

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XL | 1,5 mm / Gauge 16 | brushed, matt finish | including bevor
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Classic Armet 1470-90, German type

This Armet, German type is made either in standard size or exactly on measure. In that case please fill in the following measurement chart after finishing your order.

  • made out of  16 gauge (1,5mm) steel plate
  • 3,0 kg … approx. weight of the helmet without the wrapper
  • 0,9 kg … approx. weight of the wrapper
  • rondel guard at the back of the skul
  • made after a template from the years 1470-1490

The Armet, German type consists of four pieces: the skull, the two hinged cheek guards which lock at the front, and the visor. A reinforcement for the bottom half of the face, known as a wrapper, can be added. Its straps attached to a metal disc at the base of the skull piece called a rondel.

Armets reached their height of popularity during the 15th and 16th centuries when knights in medieval Europe wore plate armor into battle. Movable face and cheek guards allowed the wearer to close the helmet, thus fully protecting the head from blows. The armet, German type was most popular in Italy, and in Hungary as it was the first kingdom in Europe after Italy to inherit the Renaissance during the reign of Matthias Corvinus of Hungary.

This helmet can be made to measure after your measurements ‘1a’ to ‘1j’ in this measurement chart.

Please read our instructions, how to determine a helmet size correctly.

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9.9.2015 18:20

Donavin Donaldson


I received my orders today and I cannot sing this companies praises enough. The craftsmanship and due diligence to details are spectacular. The helmet is a perfect fit and looks amazing. By far one of the best helms I have seen on any web site that I have searched for months and months now hands down. The helm had a little rust on it but nothing 3 minutes of work won't get rid of but it fits like a glove and has far surpassed my expectations and any other helmets I already have in my collection to date. Please keep doing what you are doing with your products and I am sure you will always have my business and my praises. The shipping was unbelievably fast and I was shocked to have them by today A+ all around a big Thank you!!! Signed Donavin D

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5.6.2016 12:40

Martim Gervais


REAKCE NA 1 (Donavin Donaldson): Hi there Donavin! I was wondering if you could send me a picture of what the armet looks like with a suit of armour that is coherent to the place and time... Since the picture they have on their website is, you know,*cough*. I'm almost sold on the helm, i just want to see how it fits in with some accurate armour ! Many thanks, Martim G

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1.12.2016 18:08



REAKCE NA 2 (Martim Gervais): I would be happy to send you a pic Martim Gervais, Email me at and I'll send you a couple of pics, the Helmet along with the bevor looks much better. I am lining up to buy the Maxmillian Armet with gorget from these guys as I plan on building and wearing the Maximillian suit in the future through this company.

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8.8.2014 2:19


This is a museum piece! Great work. Something to pass down to children as heirlooms. I would be proud to have it so I'm saving up for one!

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27.3.2017 6:59


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