Viking high boots Housecarl 29cm


The Viking boots Housecarl are made with overall height of approx. 29cm ONLY. Viking shoes, overall height approx. 29cm (11½"), come down buttoning system. Their outsoles are made of rubber.
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Viking high boots Housecarl  29cm

Viking high boots Housecarl are available in standard EUR sizes. If you select the size "made-to-measure", they will be manufactured according to this measurement chart. Please fill it in after you finish your order.

Is the boot shaft or instep loose or too tight?

If so, untie the knots on the button leather strings (a nail or a fork could help) and adjust their length adequately. If the shaft is too tight, make them longer. If the shaft is too loose, make them shorter.

Our footwear is made from genuine leather of three basic colours: black, dark brown and light brown (also described as tan color). Any other color has to be applied in form of special covering varnish that has one important drawback. Cracks of the varnished leather may appear after some time of use. The varnish on mechanically strained parts may even crumble away. Please consider this fact before placing your order, as we cannot provide guarantee for the varnish for two years as usually. If you intend to use such shoes or boots just only once (e.g. for a wedding) or only several times a year, we assure you the shoes will serve you well and give you joy.

Care of the Viking high boots Housecarl

The shoes are treated with balm containing beeswax. The shoes are made of genuine leather. You can treat them with various shoe care products. The balm softens the leather soft and waterproofs it. Moreover, it makes the leather darker. If you do not have the balm, you can also use oil for leather or a normal shoe polish. The shoes polish can easily tone the leather color and cover minor imperfections (e.g. scuffed shoe tips).

Please note: The part of boot above the ankle is a so called design-shaft that does not have a protective function usual at modern boots. The shaft halves may not close completely and the possible wedge-like opening is not lined with a flap. This is a natural feature of these boots that in no way diminishes their value or functionality. The size of the wedge can be influenced by the thickness of the socks.

Housecarls (from Old Norse húskarlar, also Huscarl) were warriors of the personal bodyguard of Scandinavian nobles and kings. The name comes from the Old Norse and consists of the elements hús (household) and karl (free, weapon-capable man) together. This institution also existed in Anglo-Saxon England after its conquest by the kingdom of Denmark in the 11th century. In England, the royal housecarls had a number of roles, both military and administrative; they are well known for having fought under Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings. The entirety of the Housecarls was also referred to as Hirth (house power) in the Anglo-Saxon area. In later times, all the troops of a noble house were referred to, which were in part the only professional soldiers of the kingdom. The remainder of the armies consisted mostly of militia called Fyrd, compulsory peasants, and occasionally mercenaries. The number of Houscarls was usually less than 2000 soldiers in the kingdom.


Note on the size selection "made to measure": If you order tailor-made shoes from us and wear orthopaedic insoles, it is necessary to send them to us. The shoe manufacturer infixes the shoe inserts exactly and you can then look forward to the shoes fitting perfectly.

30-Nov 2019
Kurt Switzer
verified review
Considering I ordered these with custom sizing, they shipped withing 8 days and arrived in USA only a few days later. Very well made and solid construction. Seams are all double sewn. These boots should last many years.
16-Jan 2019
Ulric Grolle
verified review
Habe heute meine Maßgefertigten Stiefel erhalten. Sitzen wie angegossen und sind qualitativ sehr gut. Kann ich nur empfehlen.
10-Sep 2016
Scott C
verified review
Very satisfied with my custom order.

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