Poulaines, 14th-15th century shoes

The template for these poulaines, 14th-15th century shoes comes from 14th-15th century.

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from leather, hobnailed from leather, hobnailed
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Poulaines, 14th-15th century shoes

These shoes are available in standard EUR sizes. If you select the size "made-to-measure", they will be manufactured according to this measurement chart. Please fill it in after you finish your order.

You can wear the poulaines with rubber soles outside also in bad weather well.

Our poulaines, 14th-15th century shoes is produced from leather of three basic colours: black, dark brown and light brown (also described as tan color). Any other color has to be applied in form of special covering varnish that has one important drawback. Cracks of the varnished leather may appear after some time of use. The varnish on mechanically strained parts may even crumble away. Please consider this fact before placing your order, as we cannot provide guarantee for the varnish for two years as usually. If you intend to use such shoes or boots just only once (e.g. for a wedding) or only several times a year, we assure you the shoes will serve you well and give you joy.

Care of the Poulaines

The shoes are treated with balm containing beeswax. The shoes are made of genuine leather. You can treat them with various shoe care products. The balm softens the leather soft and waterproofs it. Moreover, it makes the leather darker. If you do not have the balm, you can also use oil for leather or a normal shoe polish. The shoes polish can easily tone the leather color and cover minor imperfections (e.g. scuffed shoe tips).

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Nach dem ich mehrere vergleichbare Stiefel gesehen habe, ist dieser eine positive Überraschung: kein chemischer Geruch beim Auspacken und eine optisch gute Verarbeitung. Das verwendete Leder verdient seinen Namen und ist erstaunlich dick und robust. Habe die Stiefel jedoch noch nicht an feuchten Tagen testen können, empfehle jedoch noch etwas mit Lederfett "zu optimieren". Gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis.

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