Roman Lorica Hamata, Butted Round Ring, ID 9mm, Spring Steel

The Roman Lorica Hamata is directly inspired by Celtic design as the Celts are the people that have been credited for the invention of chainmail. The Lorica Hamata that we decided to reconstruct here still keeps a lot of its Celtic original traits making it perfectly suitable equipment for Roman or Celtic cavalrymen or even legionary of Caesar during the Gallic wars or any similar legionary fighting of Hannibal’s armies during the Punic Wars. More information...

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Roman Lorica Hamata, Butted Round Ring, ID 9mm, Spring Steel

This Roman mail is handmade from 16 gauge SPRING STEEL RINGS with a diameter of approx. 9mm each. The ornate PURE SOLID BRASS adornments are the most attractive feature of this historical mail armour that also holds the two shoulder ring plates in place. These spring steel rings are stronger than the regular mild steel butted rings ensuring that your Roman mail will be long-lasting equipment, battle after battle. If you’re looking for even more strength, go for this riveted collection. It comes in four sizes: medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large.

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