Lorica Segmentata Junior, Child's Roman Armour, Aluminium

This Roman armour is a well-executed, downsized reproduction of a so-called Corbridge Type A Lorica Segmentata from the 1st century AD. This type of segmented plate armour was named after the village or Corbridge, Northern England, near which a number of archaeological finds were made. This area is the site of the ancient fort and garrison town of Corstopitum / Coria, which was an important base for the Roman army on Hadrian's Wall. More information...

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Lorica Segmentata Junior, Child's Roman Armour, Aluminium

This articulated, adjustable cuirass for little legionaries is crafted from aluminium and therefore not only lightweight, but also corrosion-resistant, durable and low-maintenance. The historically accurate hinges, buckles and other decorative fittings are made of brass. The fastening straps as well as the front and back lacing are from leather.

With this Lorica, your child will be perfectly equipped to defend his/her own private castrum. And just like that, every Roman camp, costume party or playground can become a stage for heroic deeds.


  • Material: aluminium with brass fittings and leather straps
  • Size: 128-140 (body height incm), girth adjustable by leather lacing
  • Weight: approx. 2 kg

Delivery includes the armour only! The tunic pictured above is available separately in our online shop.

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