Roman Phalerae, tinned brass

A phalera was a gold, silver, or bronze sculpted disk worn on the breastplate during parades by Roman soldiers who had been awarded it as a kind of medal. Roman military units could also be awarded phalerae for distinguished conduct in action. These awards were often mounted on the staffs of the unit's standards. More information...

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Roman Phalerae, tinned brass

The phalerae offered here are, comparable to originals, mounted on a leather strap framework that is applied like a vest and is being closed on the back with straps and buckles. At the level of the clavicles are two thin straps attached, to which a red woollen scarf, the Focale, will be constricted. In the lower loops of the Focale, two tinned torc, also military decoration, are hooked in.

  • Height overall: approx. 32 cm
  • Circumference Chest, adjustable: from approx. 102 cm til max. 124 cm
  • Circumference Waist, adjustable: from approx. 102 cm til 122 cm
  • Material: tinned brass, approx. 3 mm & vegetable tanned leather, approx. 3 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1.6 kg

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