Man Kung MK-CB50G Aurora compound bow

The Man Kung MK-CB50G compound bow is the green version of the MK-CB50BK and the MK-CB50GC. Both the draw length and the draw weight of this model are adjustable. The lower limit of the draw length is 19 inches as opposed to 25 inches with the MK-NCB75BK. That makes this MK-CB50G also suitable for the somewhat smaller archer with a body length from approximately 120cm (up to 185cm). More information...

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Man Kung MK-CB50G Aurora compound bow

This bow comes with a whisker biscuit arrow rest, a sight with 3 fluorescent pins, a peep sight, a release, a d-loop, and 2 aluminium arrows. It is suitable for archers from 16 years old and is right-handed (hold the bow with the left hand and pull the string with the right hand).

  • Draw weight: adjustable from 30 to 55 LBS
  • Let-off: 70%
  • Draw length: adjustable from 48,3 to 73,7cm (19 to 29 inch)
  • Velocity: 296 FPS - 90 m/s (at 55 LBS)
  • Weight: 1497 grams
  • Length: 79,2cm
  • Thread of sight mount: 3/16 UNC
  • Thread of arrow rest mount: 5/16 UNF
  • Thread of stabilizer mount: 5/16 UNF
  • Fiberglass limbs
  • Aluminium riser
  • Suitable for archers aged 16 or over
  • Right-handed model (hold the bow with the left hand and pull the string with the right hand)
  • Including whisker biscuit arrow rest
  • Including sight with 3 fluorescent pins
  • Including peep sight
  • Including d-loop
  • Including release
  • Including 2 Man Kung 30“ aluminium bow arrows

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