Man Kung Archery and Crossbows

Man Kung Archery and Crossbows
The Man Kung aspire to provide the best mass-made archery products in the world. Their archery equipment is developed in Taiwan.

They endeavour to design and produce the most powerful and durable crossbows at an affordable price. They offer archery equipment for archers on different levels of experience to satisfy wide range of archers from beginners to highly experienced users. They want everyone to be able to discover the thrill and joy of archery, no matter whether it is for hobby, hunting or sport.

Although their factory is located in Asia, they have a big distribution warehouse in Europe, so they can ensure a very fast delivery.

If you decide to try one of the Man Kung crossbows or bows, you will come to realize soon that they offer excellent value for money, technical expertise and superb customer service. They introduce innovated or new equipment that outperform the older models every year so that it is still easier for anyone to become an archery-enthusiastic! They simply spread the passion for archery. Once you have a first-hand experience with a Man Kung product, the word “archery” gets a new meaning for you …

From the Company Profile

Established in 1988, the Man Kung Company is dedicated to the design and manufacture of a wide range of crossbows, knives and related products. Since the company was established, we have always been dedicated to the research and development of new products to meet current market demands. Insisting on quality is a tradition at Man Kung. Man Kung's outstanding quality has won us a high reputation from both domestic and international customers.

In addition, we have a strong commitment for providing customers with the most competitive prices and fast delivery. These have established Man Kung as a dependable brand name in both domestic and foreign markets.


Even in such conservative areas as shooting, we have the ability to carry out revolutions. We implement the newest technologies which improve our products. Innovations are used in all the areas of our operations. We have professional team of designers make the innovative thoughts happen and the qualified technology present, and it all serves as our glory and mission.


Our products are of the best quality, we set the highest standards for ourselves. We encourage our employees who set the goal of improving the quality of their work. We respect any opinion on the quality of our products.


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