Children's bows

Are you looking for a bow for your child? Do you want to teach your child archery, concentration and uncluttered mind? Then you will be excited about our children's bows, which are specially designed for use by children. There are different sets of bows and their accessories (arrows, quivers, finger tabs and arm guards, target faces) at affordable prices.

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Children's bows

Three types of bows are distinguished in the current archery: long bows, recurve bows and compound bows.

If archery enjoys your son or your daughter, you will buy a higher quality bow. However, children’s bows are the best choice for testing the skills of your child. You will find better recurve bows and compound bows for beginners in this category.

Don’t forget the other things that should be part of every bow. Your kid will need also suitable bowstring, arrows, target face and target and mainly finger tab and arm guard. Every bow needs different accessories to the shooting was as accurate as possible and effective and health didn’t suffer.

Archery is about 50,000 years old. Today, it is especially relaxing movement activity. An archer is absolutely calm and concentrated only on the present time. There are only an archer, his bow, arrow and target during shooting. You also try it and then teach your children the sport. Teach them to concentrate and relax, to stop thinking about common human worries…

Remember to be careful and to use the children's bow safely!