Pizza Axe, Authentic Medieval Pizza in a Gift Box


CUT YOUR PIZZA LIKE A KING: Just a single glance is enough to see why this pizza axes are miles ahead of your competitors’! this beautiful Mythrojan pizza axe is Coal Forged, by hand, just like the best Viking axes! Those century old forging techniques do not only look breathtaking, but also make for a remarkably reliable pizza cutter worthy of the best berserker or Huskarl! More information...

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Pizza Axe, Authentic Medieval Pizza in a Gift Box

WAKEN YOUR INER WARRIOR: Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your next banquet, or just aiming to please someone dear, this amazing axe will make anyone feel ready for the shield wall after their pizza! Sturdy and reliable it will never let you down!

HAVE YOU ALWAYS LOVED THE WEAPONS OF THE SERIES VIKINGS ? Did you know that MYTHROJAN had even provided the seax of the TWO MAIN CHARACTERS ? Now time for us to bring the same quality to your diner table! ? FORGET ABOUT THE POOR PERFORMANCES OF CHEAP REPLICAS! We are talking about hand-forged axes here! The quality of a Mythrojan patiently crafted blade and SOLID HARD WOOD handle will ensure an inimitable look for your axe… And unrivalled performances to your new favourite Pizza cutter! ?

MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Are you hesitant about the best gift to surprise your beloved for Christmas or for his (her) birthday? Or maybe your dad, your little brother or simply your best friend that is always watching your back on every battlefield? Whomever you have in mind, Mythrojan swears by its steel, and you can be sure that this sturdy & magnificent pizza axe will bring a bright smile on any face and last a lifetime!

  • Gift box size approx. 280 * 180 * 65mm
  • Ax edge thickness approx. 0.5mm
  • Total length of the ax incl. haft 238mm
  • The length of the haft is 140mm
  • The length of the metal ax itself is 218mm
  • Weight of the entire set 1340 g
  • Weight of the ax itself 832 g

High quality product of the brand Mythrojan.

25-Mar 2024
Helmut Vajc
verified review
Krásný a originální dárek do kuchyně, kde se často peče pizza. Originální dárek v moc pěkném balení udělal velkou radost!

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