Chinese kitchen knife “TAO” by SEKIRYU 319mm

In China this style of knife is called „TAO“ which means „sword“. It is different from conventional kitchen knives in that the blade is thicker and wider and is capable of cutting large items (such as meat, chicken, etc.) to chopping and cutting of vegetables. More information...

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Chinese kitchen knife “TAO” by SEKIRYU 319mm

Technical specifications

  • Total length 319mm
  • Blade length 205mm
  • Blade width max. 92mm
  • Blade thickens measured at the non-cutting edge 1.87mm
  • The cutting edge grind starts approx. 2cm from the edge
  • One-sided grind on the left, only a very light grind on the right side of the blade
  • The wooden handle is connected to the blade tang through a steel rivet/pin with a brass finish
  • Weight 315 g
  • The blade and the pin in the handle are made of stainless steel.
  • The handle is made of genuine wood.
  • This knife was made in Japan

Caution and care

  1. Never hold the knife on the cutting blade side
  2. Wash the knife with dishwashing detergent before first use
  3. Never use abrasive cleaners
  4. Keep out of reach of small children
  5. Wash and dry in hand after every use
  6. For best cutting performance, sharpen on stone at least once a months

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