English 15th Century Two-Handed Sword, licensed by the Royal Armouries


One of the more graceful big swords in existence. This is a replica of a mid-15th century two-handed sword, or great sword, example IX.1787 in the Royal Armouries flabbergasting collection of edged weapons. This sword is believed to have been excavated in France, near the site of the Battle of Castillon. It was purchased by the Royal Armouries in 1978 and is part of an important archaeological grouping of over eighty Castillon-associated swords discovered in the river nearby. This sword is believed to be part of a distinct English style of two-handed swords, though given its provenance it could also be French. It is proportioned very much like a typical hand-and-a-half sword of the time, but entirely scaled up to an imposing size. Featuring a fish-tail pommel, straight guard with swollen terminals, and double-edged blade having a flattened-diamond cross-section. The blade is a versatile cut and thrust type. Two-handed swords of this type were being used increasingly as specialized weapons in the middle and later 15th century, laying the foundations of the massive, sometimes garish two-handed swords of the next century (such as the Swiss Zweihander and the Landsknecht Flamberge) . This sword would have been in use during the last years of the Hundred Years War and swords like it were carried throughout the Wars of the Roses and into the early Tudor era. This is a huge and imposing, even stately sword, but moves surprisingly quickly, due to the hilt length, mass distribution and distal taper. A sword like this would be less of a sidearm and more of a primary contender against things like pollaxes and bills. More information...

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English 15th Century Two-Handed Sword, licensed by the Royal Armouries

Royal Armouries sword #IX.1787.

This replica is crafted with a better blade than the original; the blade is hand forged by an experienced, skilled blacksmith exactly in the same manner as the original, but with superior modern 1080 high carbon steel that is fully tempered and is distally tapered for proper weight distribution.

The sheath is made to replicate one of the period, with a wood body and covered with leather. The tip is reinforced with a brass chape that features a traditional cut-out. At the throat, the leather extends upward and covers part of the guard at the ricasso. 

Includes a certificate of authenticity on heavy stock

Windlass Classic Wax and polishing cloth are included.


  • Overall length: 147cm
  • Blade length: 114cm, double edge
  • Guard: 29cm wide
  • Blade width at ricasso 50mm
  • Blade is distally tapered: 8,7mm thick at guard, 4,3mm at tip
  • The blade is semi-sharp. The striking edge approx. 1mm thick
  • Weight: 2.100 g

A top-quality replica made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

14-Dec 2022
Peter Matuška
verified review
Obojručák ktorý vyžerá ako longsword, v rukách sa správa ako longsword a v podstate to aj je longsword...na steroidoch, určený pre velkého chlapa...mám 195 cm a meč mi siaha do polovice prsného svalu. Meče zo série RA sú určené pre náročného zákazníka ktorý je ochotný priplatiť za fakt že kupuje repliku reálneho nálezu 1:1. Geometria čepele a rozloženie hmotnosti (distálne zúženie) sú na extrémne vysokej úrovni. je to poznať keď tie zbrane zoberiete do ruky. Podrobný popis série RA najdete tu : https://www.outfit4events.cz/eur/produkt/13309-anglicky-nebo-francouzsky-jednosecny-rytirsky-mec-licence-royal-armouries/ ... Jediný nedostatok ktorým tieto inak prémiové zbrane trpia je dodatočne farbená koža na rukoväti. Farba sa používaním môže zodrať a začne presvitať prirodzená farba kože. (mal som v rukách 2 kusy, oba na tom boli rovnako). Je to zbytočná, ľahko odstrániteľná chyba ktorá na takto kvalitne spracovanom výrobku nemá čo robiť.

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