Flambard Emden, Two-Handed Flame-Bladed Sword

This sword is a reproduction of a late medieval flame-bladed Bidenhänder (two-handed sword) on display at the East-Frisian state museum in the town-hall of Emden, North-West Germany. More information...

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Flambard Emden, Two-Handed Flame-Bladed Sword

The various denominations Flamberge, Flambard, Flammard or Flammenschwert all derive from the undulated, flame-like shape of the blade. The Germans also use the term Gassenhauer (literal translation: lane blower), as the impressively long blade of the sword would allow its owner to literally clear a path by fencing his way through enemy lines.

The sword features a leather-covered ricasso. The grip is made of hardwood. The unsharpened blade is forged out of high carbon steel and is completed by two sturdy parrying hooks.

In order to save on handling and shipping costs, the sword will be delivered with unassembled cross-guard. However, the final assembly is quite an easy task: Just unthread the pommel from the tang and loosen the nut which secures the hardwood grip. You can then pull the wooden grip off and slide the cross-guard over the tang. As soon as the guard is properly fitted, just follow the same steps in reverse order for the remounting: Just slide the wooden grip back over the tang, retighten the nut and screw the pommel back on the thread of the tang.


  • Blade material: high carbon steel
  • Overall length: approx. 147cm
  • Blade length, incl. ricasso: approx. 100cm
  • Max. blade width: approx. 5cm
  • Weight: approx. 3.9 kg

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