Tatar horseman bow Khan


The shapely Tatar KHAN equestrian bow from Big Tradition was made by hand. It is solidly worked and wrapped in leather. The middle part and the limb ends are made of wood, the artfully decorated limbs themselves made of wood laminate. Suitable for right and left hand. More information...

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Draw weight: 40lbs (18,18kgs)
3 pcs
3 pcs
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Tatar horseman bow Khan

  • The total length of the bow approx. 137cm 
  • Brace height approx. 18,5cm 
  • Weight of the bow approx. 600 g
  • Draw weights: 25 lbs, 35 lbs, 40 lbs, 50 lbs
  • Max. Draw length: approx 28 inches

Handmade, historical horseman bow. As the name of the bow KHAN suggests, it was made after the models of the horsemen bows from the time of the ruler Genghis Khan. The bow makers of the former ruler were the first to produce bows that were layer-glued and with modified limbs. The arches from this period were also the first to pierce metal armor.

The Tatars is an umbrella term for different Turkic ethnic groups bearing the name "Tatar". The name Tatar first appears in written form on the Kul Tigin monument as Ta-tar and likely was referring to the Turkic Tatar confederation. That confederation was eventually incorporated into the Empire of Genghis Khan when he unified the various steppe tribes.Historically, the term Tatars (or Tartars) was applied to anyone originating from the vast Northern and Central Asian landmass then known as Tartary, which was dominated by various mostly Turco-Mongol semi-nomadic empires and kingdoms.

29-Jan 2023
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