Nomad Horsemen bow leather covered 48 inches, 25-54 lbs.

This approx. 48 inch long bow replica of the nomads is simple and practical. This type of bow was i.a. once widespread among the rural population in eastern Europe. The limbs are covered with leather and set off in the grip area with high-contrast leather. By the way, the material of the limbs is a secret of the Hungarian manufacturer. But he is excellently tilled. More information...

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Draw weight: 25lbs (11,36kgs)
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1 pcs
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Nomad Horsemen bow leather covered 48 inches, 25-54 lbs.

  • A bowstring is included.
  • Maximum draw length: 26 inches
  • Brace height: 6 inches (distance between the bow's string at rest position and the deepest part of the grip)
  • Draw weights: see selection
  • Length approx.. 48 inches
  • Delivery including string
  • Core: glass fibre laminate

The whole bow is covered with quality suede leather. Since these bows are individually manufactured in Hungary, the look of each bow is practically unique. The leather can be spotted, embossed, smooth or suede, depending on what type of leather the bow maker has chosen to cover.

Its short design of only 48 inches has its roots in the fact that the bow was previously shot from a horse. Since the cover material of this bow is natural, deviations in the bow thickness are unavoidable. Hence the variation of approx. +4 lbs.

Bows like this are popular for Horseback Archery.

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