Scythian Horseman Bow

A Horsebow with an excellent price-performance ratio, it is equipped with high-quality appliquéd leather which is stretched over the fiberglass limbs. It was built according to the models of the Scythian bow shapes that give it its name. More information...

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Scythian Horseman Bow

By the way the Scythians were horseman nomadic people who populated the steppes north of the Black Sea, now southern Russia and Ukraine. The Scythian Recurve Bow is very good for children and adolescents, but also suitable for adults with a short pullout. The bow is made of fiberglass with leather upholstery and wood.

  • Draw weight: 25 lbs and 30 at a max. drawing length of 28 inches
  • Bow length: 48 inches
  • Standing height: 7 - 7.5 inches
  • This Scythian Horseman bow is shot with a Dacron string, you can use commercial strings for Recurve Bows. This is a big advantage for replacement purchase.

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