Sword Jerusalem with optional sheath

Sword used in the Medieval Age to fight on a horse back or on the battlefield body to body. They were short swords with broad blade ended in a narrow point, with no ornaments, straight functional crossguards and hilts wrapped with leather. Art Gladius introduces this new line of decorative swords of the Middle Ages. More information...

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Sword Jerusalem with optional sheath, Class C

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

Sword class C, NO WARRANTY!

  • Sword hilt cast of stainless steel (inox).
  • Rockwell Steel hardness 45-50° HRC
  • The total length of the sword is 95.2cm
  • Blade length 74.3cm
  • Handle length 13.8cm
  • Length of the cross-guard 22cm
  • The blade has a 51.5cm long fuller
  • The center of gravity is approx. 15cm off the cross-guard
  • Cross section of the blade at the parry is 49 * 4.7mm
  • Cross section of the blade 10cm off the tip is 31.6 * 4.4mm
  • The pommel is an octagon with an external dimension of 57mm
  • Thickness of the pommel 17.3mm
  • Split handle with central winding made of black leather cord
  • Thickness of the striking edge 2mm
  • Weight of the sword 1350 g


  • Total length 75.5cm
  • Total thickness of the scabbard 11.6mm
  • On the backside of the scabbard is a loop for a belt with a maximum width of 67mm
  • The sheath has a reinforced chape
  • Glued, quilted simple belt sheath
  • Weight of the scabbard 215 g

All dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Top branded quality, made by Art Gladius®. Made in Toledo (Spain), in the city with centuries-long traditional of blacksmithing, sword-making and other ancient crafts.

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