Long knife, Langmesser Mauritius de Luxe


A replica of the popular side weapon of mercenary infantry and lower social classes. This reconstruction is based on a find from the Rhine (Germany). More information...

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Long knife, Langmesser Mauritius de Luxe

  • Total length approx. 950mm
  • Blade length approx. 736mm
  • Handle length approx. 124mm
  • The handle is made of hardwood. The kind, color and grain of the natural wood may vary depending on the available material. The sword smith takes e.g. ovangkol, mahogany, beech or oak wood.
  • Length of the guard approx. 109mm
  • Length of the upright piece protruding from the guard is approx. 40mm
  • The cross-section of the handle at the holding position is approximately 28.3 x 25.7mm
  • The butt (end of the handle) has a cross section of approx. 49.45 x 34.5mm
  • The fuller is approx. 513mm long and approx. 8mm wide
  • Cross-section of the blade at the guard approx. 39.1 x 4.2mm
  • The blade has a flat hollow grind on both sides
  • Cross section of the blade 10cm off the blade point is approx. 30.8 x 3.7mm
  • Hewing blade with one-side-grind
  • The back of the blade is approx. 4.1mm thick
  • The striking edge is at guard approx. 1.8mm thick and approx. 1.8mm thick 10cm off the blade point
  • The point of balance (POB) is approx. 5.0cm off the cross-guard
  • Weight approx. 1230 g

Due to the individual manual production, the specifications vary slightly from sword to sword. Made in Czechia.

This is one of the best bladed weapons in the Sword class B 

This weapon is made by of one of the best swordsmiths in Czechia - Mr. Pavel Moc. His bladed weapons are generally an "artistic license" of historical originals. They are the result of decades-long-experience and discussions with historians, swordsmen and colleagues in the industry. If the replica does not directly correspond to the preserved original, it is based on contemporary iconography, illuminations and its final form is a "well informed stylization".


The blade is made of spring steel for dynamic strain CSN 14260 (DIN 54SiCr6, GOST 60S2CHA) or CSN 15260 (50CrV4 DIN 1.8159). The steel is heated to 820-860° C and then immersed into oil. The steel is then tempered at 540-680° C according to the prescribed technical standards in computer-controlled-ovens. The first kind of steel has a slightly higher elasticity, the second one can be slightly more hardened. Both types of steel are oil-quenched and tempered to a hardness of 48.5 +/- 2 HRc.


This weapon is designed for experienced fencers who prefer light swords with flexible blades and who use rather their head than force in sword combats. The anti-break-warranty for the blade refers only to material defects. The warranty does not cover natural wear of the blade and the grip. The guard is riveted (not soldered) to the blade. It may happen that the rivet connection gets loosened after some time and the sword begins to rattle during combat. This is a sign of wear that does not affect the function of the sword, does not diminish its quality or worsen the safety of the swordsman.

5-Jun 2020
Steven Janus
verified review
I just got this sword a day prior to writing this review. I have owned a few replica messers but most of them were lower end with over-sized brazed pommels and guards with faux shell guards that weren't riveted through the tang. Let me say this... This is the strangest most unique messer I have ever seen and owned. With that last statement, it is very very good and I will explain why I wrote that and separated that sentence from the rest of the review. First off, if you notice in the shown pictures it only shows off the top side of the long knife with the nail or nagel sticking out but, not the bottom side. The pommel is only on one side of the grip, which is made apparent by the photos. What is not made clear by the photos is that the fuller is only on the nagel side of the blade and not bottom side. Yes you read that right, the fuller does not exist on both sides of the blade, just on one. However with that written the sword is extremely well constructed, has modest flex but too stiff to thrust safely in sparring in my opinion. I could be wrong on that. The handle which is long for a single handed sword like most lange messers is extremely well contoured and actually gets wider the closer it gets to the peen. The handle is squarish with the edges just slightly rounded off to prevent the wood from chipping. I have not seen a messer like this but the only other ones I owned were from Fabri Armourm, Wulflund, and Darksword. I really do like the shape of the wood on the grip going form about 1/4 inch thick wood, right at the guard, to almost 1/2 inch thick by the end where the peen is. The messer pictured here is an older rendition of Pavel Moc's messer. He has the newer version photos on his Facebook page and I got that one when ordering a blunt version from Outfit 4 Events. The solid rivets as show in the photo are now replaced with hollow brass tube rivets. Also I think the nagel, or shell / nail guard, is not peened through the tang but is instead welded to the cross guard. This brings up another point I wanted to mention as I cannot confirm this without knocking out the rivets and removing the wooden slabs. I believe this hilt is constructed in the same fashion as many Islamic sabers. Let me explain, many Arab sabers have a grip frame that is welded to the cross guard with a carefully shaped outline that the grip slabs (usually wood, ivory, or buffalo horn), cover. I think this messer is the same way. I think the guard has a grip frame welded to it and that's what you see on the sides of the handle and that the half pommel is also welded to this frame and that the tang is slightly narrower than the walls of the frame sits in between the rails of the frame. The tang is then peened over the end of the this frame holding it firmly on the blade and finally the wood slabs are riveted with hollow brass rivets through the tang. The blade itself despite being an unusual design with a fuller only on one side and not the other is extremely well shaped and has modest distal tapering. The point of balance is not far out and is very close to the guard making it feel less like a machete and more like a precise cut and thrust arming sword. The edge is very strong, it might be thick enough for armored combat, HMB and BOTN type use. I tested this sword against a HMB style bastard sword I own bashing the true edge against the bastard sword and the edge held up very well. This blade is extremely well tempered. I originally bought this sword to sharpen it however I am debating on using it for stage combat instead as I belong to an armored re-enactmentcombat group in the US. I will need to think that over. So if the blade being very asymmetrical and unique doesn't bother you, this is an excellent messer and is rather atypical. The point of balance is close to the guard rather than further out like a machete or cavalry saber and the pommel and fuller are only on the top side. If you don't mind these things the build quality is very good with excellent temper.

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