Milan Barbute-Sallet, c. 1455


Replica of an Italian helmet (transition from Barbute to Sallet) based on the very attractive A75 helmet in the 'Corinthian' style (Milan, Italy approx. 1455). The original helmet is kept at the Wallace Collection in London. From the beginning of the fifteenth century, Italian artists of all kinds, including armourers and weapon-smiths, were fascinated by the culture of ancient Greece and Rome. It is this revival of the interest in the classical world which gave birth to the renaissance, which was expressed not only in painting, sculpture, and literature, but also in the art of weapon-smiths and armourers. More information...

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Milan Barbute-Sallet, c. 1455

This helmet is a beautiful expression of this movement. The form was clearly inspired by the bronze helmets worn by warriors of the ancient Greece. The unknown armourer, who made this bold piece, has improved his form and execution. The entire design and the harder carbon steel improved the protection of the head. Its graceful curves and elongated profile are typical of the Italian armour of the fifteenth century.

  • Weight approx. 1950g (1,5mm thickness)

This Milan Barbute-Sallet can be made to measure after your measurements ‘1a’ to ‘1j’ in this measurement chart.

Please read our instructions, how to determine a helmet size correctly.

8-Apr 2017
Dan Bridgwater
verified review
The helmet received was a brilliant job! Good replicas of the A75 helmet at the Wallace Collection are hard to get hold of at reasonable prices, but this was excellent and a perfect fit. Recommend you read and use the helmet sizing instructions on the outfit4events website to get all the measurements and any precise information on your head size correct. Spend the time doing this right and you will not be disappointed! Great communication with Helmut. Thank you!

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