Take-Down Bows

Our bows category has something for every archery enthusiast - including high-quality take-down bows. These bows are perfect for those who travel and enjoy the outdoors, because they are easy to disassemble and transport. Take-down bows are known for being flexible and practical, while retaining excellent performance and accuracy.

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Take-Down Bows

Apart from take-down bows, we also sell many other types of bows. Have a look at our compound bows that are perfect for the modern archery, recurve bows for those looking for an authentic archery experience, hunting bows for fans of hunting, horse bows for mounted archery, children’s bows that are safe and great for beginners, and traditional English longbows for lovers of history.

Our selection of arrows is no less diverse. You can choose between duralumin, hunting, wooden, carbon and fibreglass arrows for various archery styles and needs. To make your arrows last longer and enjoy a better archery experience, you will also need archery targets. We have a lot of these, too.

For those who like to modify their bows, we offer a variety of spare parts, such as bow stringers, bow limbs and risers, bow sights and arrow rests... And don't forget to choose the right type of arrowheads - we have sharp, hunting, rubber as well as historical arrowheads, so everyone can choose the best for them!

Browse our wide selection and find the take-down bow that best fits your body size and strength.