Compound bows

Do you pursue the archery? Or do you want to do it? Archery is especially relaxing movement activity. It can be an occasional hobby or a professional sport. High quality equipment is important not only for the performance of your bow, but also for your health. We offer many compound bows in this category.

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Compound bows

Compound bows are modern sports bows that use a levering system. Sight is often used to shoot this bow. These bows are a new to the market exactly. Bows are not produced in bulk for a long time - about 50 years.

The use of this levering system gives the compound bow a characteristic draw-force curve which rises to a peak weight and then "lets off" to a lower holding weight. Basically allowing someone to hold the string at full draw for much longer, than in comparison to recurve bows. Shooting a compound bow is longer, more accurate and far less strenuous aiming (especially when firing multiple times in a row). It is not so exhausting for the muscles compared with shooting other bows. Therefore compound bows can also be used by handicapped shooters.

Compound bows have the most complex and sophisticated design of all bows. Compound bow is composed of (among others) arrow rest, sight, stabilizer, peep sight, nocking loop, release aid, armguard, finger tab and quiver.

Compound bows are often used for sport archery. They were used e.g. during 3D animal target shooting, indoor archery, field archery or track archery FITA. The target archery is the most popular archery event.

Archery is primarily a relaxation movement activity.