Oriental Sabres

Did you like the exotic look of the sabre? Are you looking for a sabre to play historical battles or oriental dances? Then you're in the right category. We offer high-quality oriental sabres with varying appearance. The history of the sabre is long and entwined with many unknowns, but it is said that it originated in the Orient. The basis of the word "sap" means "sword hilt" in Turkish, and even belly dancers have liked the saber as a dance accessory. In this section you can find sabers suitable for fencing as well as sabres intended only for decorative purposes.

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Sabres in the Napoleonic Wars
Sabres in the Napoleonic Wars
Even though the Napoleonic Wars are a long-gone history, many people still find them captivating today. That is hardly surprising. The long period of wars raging across the European continent between the end of the 18th century and 1815 have left a…