Persian Scimitar, circa 1700

Persian Scimitar, circa 1700
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The original scimitar was called a shamshir, (which meant lions tail) and had a deeply curved blade that was almost a half circle. Developed in Persia, this type of blade was effective for drawcuts, but other than that, of limited utility. This caused the blade to shift its shape into a more useful version, which we have chosen to copy. The blade is quite effective, being able to drawcut as well as slash, and the point is quite useful in the hooking thrust often used. It is made from high carbon steel. The grip is wood, and the guard and scabbard furniture are steel. It comes complete with scabbard. It is a beautiful and romantic sword copied from the Hank Reinhardt collection. The Persian Scimitar features an unsharpened high carbon steel blade with wood grip and steel cross guard. Includes a leather scabbard with steel hardware. More information...

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Persian Scimitar, circa 1700

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

Key Features:

  • Great curved, effective blade
  • Scabbard with rings included
  • Great for Re-enacting and Collecting


  • Overall length approx. 910mm
  • Blade length approx. 780mm
  • The cross-guard is approx. 145mm long and 72mm wide
  • Blade width at the cross-guard approx. 29mm
  • Blade thickness at the cross-guard approx. 4,2mm
  • The fuller is approx. 660mm long
  • Blade width 10cm off the blade point approx. 23,3mm
  • Blade thickness 10cm off the blade point approx. 4.0mm
  • POB approx. 210mm
  • Blade made of High Carbon Steel 1065
  • Steel hardness 48-52 HRC
  • Blade not sharpened but not blunt, thickness about 0,8mm
  • Weight without scabbard approx. 710 g
  • Weight including scabbard approx. 1044 g
  • Even if this is a fully functional sword, it cannot be used in combat shows, historical reenactment or similar for safety reasons!

Specs may slightly vary from exemplar to exemplar.

Premium Quality, made by Marto / Windlass Steelcrafts®.

25-Apr 2020
verified review
21-Nov 2018
Emil Kalabus
verified review
Nádherná orientální šavle. Kvalitní, funkční materiál. Po doostření typuji podobné vlastnosti jako má Shamshir od Cold Steel. viz drsné video:

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