Big kitchen knives

As big kitchen knives we refer to robust and strong utility knives, which are especially designed for the big cutting work. Big kitchen knives are also ideal for fine cutting of herbs or for chopping onions. Their advantage is a better handling. Professional chefs prefer big kitchen knives to small knives, which are lighter and above all suitable for people who have smaller palms.

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Kitchen knives
Kitchen knives
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Knives are necessary equipment of every kitchen. We use them practically every day so a little knowledge about them can always be useful. For example, how to preserve more vitamins while cutting vegetable? How to keep the knives sharp and how to use…
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Big kitchen knives

Large Japanese knives Santoku are characterized by wide blade with a narrow spine. Because of this tight spine you can cut meat into thin slices with them. The blade of Santoku is slightly bent, which helps to rocking motion. Thanks to this feature, you can use these knives on most food types - fruits, vegetables or even meat.

In our offer you can also find other Japanese products: for example, large Japanese knives made of Damascus steel, traditional Japanese knife Masano: one of the best traditionally made knives in Japan. Its stainless steel blade has flat ground on one side and bevelled edge on the other side, which allows a very precise cut. Other knives in this category include large kitchen knives for Asian cuisine. This was designed by professional chef Pham Quang, who wanted a knife with a thin but very hard blade to cut meat and vegetables.

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