Fillet knives

As a fillet knife are called instruments that serve for filleting. The cook can use it to debone and dissect meat – i.e. cut it into fillets. Fillet knives have long and thin ground. Their blades are usually 15 to 28 cm long. Some knives have a flexible blades that can adapt to the course of bones and backbones at work. Fillet knife is much like the ham knife. But it is equipped with a narrower pointed blade - not rounded at the end. Fillet knives are mainly used in the preparation of fish dishes. Of course you can cut any meat with them.

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Kitchen knives
Kitchen knives
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Fillet knives

Almost all of our fillet knives have stainless steel blades, some Japanese blades are even made of Damascus steel. Their blades are sometimes protected with a sheath coming with the knife. Their handle are often made of wood. Inexpensive models have handles made of rubberized plastic, which also fits well in the hand. These knives are better for outdoor activities - fishing, etc.

In our offer you will also find Japanese sashimi knives. Japanese chefs use them to prepare the specialty sashimi - thin fillets of raw meat served with wasabi, ginger or soy sauce. Their blades can be angular (Tokyo style) or pointed (Osaka style). Some can also serve as sushi knives.