Universal Kitchen Knives

Knives must not be missing in any kitchen. Our Universal Expert Chef Knives are usually useful cutting instruments that are indispensable for all sorts of kitchen work. With these knives, you do not have to think long about which knife is the best choice. You can do almost everything with just this single one. You can mince herbs, peel and cut fruit and vegetables, scrape burnt pastries, but also carve and spit meat.

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Kitchen knives
Kitchen knives
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Knives are necessary equipment of every kitchen. We use them practically every day so a little knowledge about them can always be useful. For example, how to preserve more vitamins while cutting vegetable? How to keep the knives sharp and how to use…
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Universal Kitchen Knives

In our offer you will find Universal Expert Chef Knives from different manufacturers and with different blade shapes. You can decide by yourself which knife best suits your preferences. The blades of these knives are often made of stainless steel. For example, Japanese Fudo knives, here is the blade core made of extra-hard VG 10 steel, which is considered one of the best knife steels. The core is further strengthened by 33 layers of other steel grades. They all together create a blade that has a 67 layers in total. The blades made of the first-class Damascus steel remain very sharp for a long time. If your knife gets blunt after some time, you can sharpen it with one of our whetstones. Every chef's knife requires good care if it is to serve you well. For example, in the case of Damascus knives, remember that they do not belong in the dishwasher! After each use, simply wash them by hand, dry it and put it back in the knife block. The same applies to knives with wooden handles.

Some kitchen knives, such as Filleting knives, come with a sheath to protect the blade. Some models come in gift boxes. These will then fit as a nice gift. With one of our multipurpose chef's knives, you will delight every hobby chef, the selection is wide!