Morningstar, medieval club with steel thorns

This morning star has an iron head with thorns mounted on a wooden shaft. The individual spikes are welded onto the central iron tube. Primitive brute force - how effective! In addition to the mace, this next evolution features an iron head with spikes that combine the power of the mace and the piercing power of the spikes to cripple the enemy, or at least damage their equipment. Unlike the sword, which is more a symbol of nobility and chivalry, the morning star represents a more brutal and primitive aspect of medieval warfare. More information...

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Morningstar, medieval club with steel thorns

  • Total length 74.5cm
  • Shaft length 54cm
  • Length of the upper spike 7.8cm
  • The other spines are about 4cm long
  • Shaft diameter 3cm
  • Thickness of the spike tips approx. 1.9mm
  • Weight 860 gr

This morning star is not indestructible either. It was designed after a historical template that was strong enough to injure the enemy, but remained light enough to handle well.

This replica is not designed for hitting hard or stiff targets such as trees, rocks, concrete, wooden boards, etc. If you hit such materials, you can damage the morning star.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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