Viking bags

Are you longing for beautifully made Viking bag? Choose it in our e-shop! Viking times are wrapped up in myths and mysteries that are still impressive und attractive. Those times began during the 8th century, when the Scandinavians joined the battle against Christianity. Our Viking bags are inspired by Viking history. So don’t hesitate to look at them!

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The Vikings were a Germanic tribe. They inhabited northern countries in the Scandinavian territory. They were excellent warriors and skilful craftsmen. They could build amazing boats. They devoted to agriculture and fishing. They dressed modestly; their clothes were adapted to their living conditions. Comfort was important during their work. Clothes were sometimes decorated by dyeing. Our Viking bags are inspired by the Viking culture.

You will find many types of Viking bags in our e-shop. There are belt bags, which are suitable for long trips, when you don’t need to take a lot of things along. These bags are equipped with belt loops. Therefore do not worry about forgetting a bag somewhere. This can happen when wearing a bag over the shoulder. You will still have our Viking bags on you. Take a look at our Viking belts, Viking swords or Viking helmets too.

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In the case of hand-forged blade our blacksmith takes the already rolled spring steel and forges it with hand on the anvil or under the monkey (drop hammer). By forging becomes the steel more compacted (denser). Industrially rolled spring steel blades are made by cutting steel plate into strips under drop shears. Then they are ground or milled/grooved and without further forging directly put into the annealing furnace and hardened in oil bath. The qualities of both kinds of blades do not differ from each other much since the industrial rolling is already very good. On forged blades usually have forge traces, which give them an authentic and unique look.

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