Bishop's Mantle FRM, chainmail collar


A bishop's mantle is a chain mail collar covering the neck, the shoulders and the upper part of the chest and back. It wasparticularly favoured by the German Landknechte (mercenary soldiers) in the 15th and 16th centuries and is wovensimilarly to a mail coif. The shape of this piece of chain armour explains its name, as it greatly resembled the very wide-cut collar of a bishop's mantle. The bishop's mantles made by Ulfberth are modeled on historical examples. They feature a jagged edge. A riveted leather linerprotects the area around the neck and the neckline is adjustable by means of straps and genuine late medieval brass buckles. More information...

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Bishop's Mantle FRM, chainmail collar made of flat rings, with round rivets, mixed

The weave FRM

FRM is type of European flat ring chain mail. This chain maille weave is made from flat rings with round rivets and domed rivet heads.There are alternate rows of solid punched and riveted flat rings. We call this type of chain mailFRM (=Flatring Round rivet-heads Mixed.)

  • Mixed mesh: alternating solid punched rings and round riveted flat rings
  • Large enough to cover the shoulders
  • Jagged edge
  • Internal ring diameter: approx. 8mm
  • Flat rings: 1.8mm width
  • Finish: natural (lightly oiled)
  • Weight: approx. 2.15 kg

This is an original ULFBERTH® product.

6-Nov 2019
Kristjan Runarsson
verified review
Nice, fits me fine and I'm just under 2 meters tall. Mine came with a pair of nice brass buckles at the back. Usually I have to soak these things in oil-remover to get the vile and toxic storage oil off so I can re oil the mail with lanolin rust protection oil but this thing actually had a more tolerable brand of oil on it than usual and it was more sparingly applied. Product arrived in a timely fashion, will definitely buy here again.

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