Hand forged razor

Celtic and Germanic men shaved in the Iron Age, as archaeological findings prove. This is an example of a simple razor inspired by several such findings from central and northern Europe. More information...

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Hand forged razor, (1200 BC – 400 AD)

The razor is hand-forged and hardened in a traditional way by a Czech blacksmith from one piece of carbon steel (not stainless). Its finish is polished. The razor is forged from spring steel DIN 54SiCr6 and oil-quenched to approx. 60HRC. The blacksmith tempers the razor after quenching, which reduces the hardness and brittleness to about 55 HRC.


  • 185mm – overall length
  • 140mm – blade length
  • 48mm – blade width (at the widest point)
  • 4mm – blade thickness
  • 134 gram – approx. overall weight

Even if Iron Age razor is not equivalent to the modern hi-tech razors, it can be well used. A razor-sharp edge can be kept up with one of our whetstones with a grit of at least 2000.

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