One-and-Half Sword Practical by Urs Velunt


This is a sword with ideal weight and POB for technically clean sword fights. A sword with forged blade made of spring steel, 50-55 ° Rockwell hard. The blade has a blunt edge and a rounded safety tip and is riveted at the handle end. The wooden handle is wrapped in leather. The cross-guard and pommel are made of steel. The sword comes with wood scabbard with metal fittings. Top quality by Urs Velunt! More information...

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One-and-Half Sword Practical by Urs Velunt


  • Blade length 91.5cm
  • Total length 119cm
  • Overall length with scabbard 127cm
  • Guard length 21.5cm
  • Profile of the blade at the guard: 40.4 * 5.1mm
  • Distance of the point of balance off the guard (POB): 2.5cm
  • Weight without scabbard 1280 g
  • Weight of the sheath 240 g
  • Thickens of the blade edge 1.0 - 1.3mm
  • Blade stamped with bear paw (Logo of Urs Velunt)

Sword for practical use with:

  1. blunt blade edge
  2. rounded blade tip
  3. strong cross-guard
  4. special handle wrapping for a safe grip

Important note!

Each sword can be damaged by improper handling. Try to parry any enemy blow with the broad side of your sword blade and avoid direct blows on the cutting edge. Make your strokes sporty properly and not with excessive and unnecessary strength. Destruction by improper handling voids the warranty. Loosening of the guard and nicks in the blade edge are inevitable with time and are thus no complaint cases. Warranty of the producer covers material and workmanship defects ONLY.

6-Apr 2019
Michal Šup
verified review
Meč som si zakúpil, je veľmi kvalitne spracovaný a som spokojný, ale niekoľko vecí nesúhlasí s popisom, preto stiahnuté hviezdičky z hodnotenia, a to konkrétne je váha, ktorá má byť bez pochvy 1280g v skutočnosti meč však váži 1677g, ďalej ťažisko má byť vraj 2,5 cm od záštity no je v skutočnosti 13 cm, v popise je, že meč je dodávaný s drevenou pochvou, v skutočnosti je pravdepodobne z laminátu a nafarbená na čierno. Ešte som nemal možnosť skúsiť meč pri tréningu, to ešte len príde a hodnotenie poprípade doplním.
26-Feb 2015
Zarko Milosic
verified review
Great item top quality :)

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