Wooden Beer Mug with Lid

This rustic jug is made from genuine wood of sweet cherry or oak and is treated with food grade oil. It holds about half a liter. Please note our care and use instructions! More information...

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Wooden Beer Mug with Lid, approx. 500ml

  • Material: sweet cherry, oak
  • Dimensions: Ø approx. 11cm, H: approx. 14cm
  • Weight: approx. 300 g

Care instructions

The beer mug is not suitable for filling with hot drinks. Likewise, liquids should not be allowed to stand for several hours in the wooden jug. Before the first use, you should rub the beer mug inside and out with a damp cloth and let it dry. Thereafter, rub it with about 60 degrees hot vegetable oil (tasteless) or paraffin oil (medicinal white oil, paraffinum (per) liquidum). Then let it dry and let the oil soak/absorb for at least 10 hours. Then rub the excess oil off. Repeat this process twice, always making sure that notmuch oil remains on the bottom. Repeat this treatment regularly in the future each time after about 3 uses.

After each use, rinse the wooden mug with lukewarm water and place under room temperature upsode down to dry. Wood is a natural material and can crack under extreme conditions. For this reason, the mug should not be dipped in water for a long time and should not be placed in the sun or in the vicinity of heat sources such as heaters.

Please note:This is a fully functional prop of historical design, which is produced in small quantities in traditional manner. A regulatory food safety certification would make the price unaffordable. For that reason, we are committed to the following legal notice: This is an ornamental item, neither certified nor suitable for contact with food! 

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