Leather Jacks Tankard

This brown leather tankard / jug is made in masterful handwork. Thick vegetable tanned cowhide is processed into a sturdy drinking vessel. It is made from jack leather and no doubt hand stitched. The interior is poured with a thick layer of hardened beeswax so that no beer or mead can leak. More information...

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Leather Jacks Tankard

  • The inside of the tankard is poured out with beeswax
  • Leather thickness approx. 3mm
  • The wall including the wax layer is approx. 6.6mm thick
  • Height approx. 16cm
  • Width including leather handle approx. 18cm
  • The hole in the handle measures approximately 77 x 45mm
  • Weight approx. 284 g

Leather beer tankard were popular in the Middle Ages, especially among the sailors of the British kingdom. The leather is not fragile compared to ceramic or glass, so it can survive the wildest storm.

This beer tankard made of leather is suitable for all common drinks, except for those with a high alcohol content, as alcohol dissolves beeswax. The beer mug should also not be left in direct sunlight for a long time (empty), which will break down the inner beeswax layer. After thorough drying, the inner wax layer can be renewed with new hot wax. Excess wax must be poured away.

Please note:This is a fully functional prop of historical design, which is produced in small quantities in traditional manner. A regulatory food safety certification would make the price unaffordable. For that reason, we are committed to the following legal notice: This is an ornamental item, neither certified nor suitable for contact with food! 

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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