Drinking Horn Tankard with Celtic knot World Tree

Drinking Horn Tankard with Celtic knot World Tree

5-6 inch high

Parameters of the photographed specimen

  • Total height approx. 18cm
  • Height up to the rim approx. 16cm
  • Dimension at the rim approx. 10 x 8cm
  • Hardwood bottom approx. 7mm thick
  • Depth approx. 15cm
  • Weight approx. 332 g

Please note: This is a fully functional prop of historical design, which is produced in small quantities in traditional manner. A regulatory food safety certification would make the price unaffordable. For that reason, we are committed to the following legal notice: This is an ornamental item, neither certified nor suitable for contact with food!

Made from 100% ethically sourced cattle horns. The bottom is made of plastic. The entire interior is treated with food-grade resin to prevent beverage leakage. This drink container meets strict hygiene standards for the contact with food.

 0% leak locked with FDA approved food-safe sealant suitable for your cool to lukewarm liquids up to 20% alcohol content. Avoid dishwasher and hot liquids. Hand-wash before use. For a longer life span treat with bees’ wax after each use. Please note this is a natural product and this does decay with time and cracks may come.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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