Great Bascinet Pamplona


This Great Bascinet originated around 1430. It was originally deposited in the Cathedral at Pamplona. Now it is displayed in The Museum of Fine Art Navarra in Spain. Great bascinets like this were the first helmets to be worn with complete suits of plate armour, and were used in battle up until the last decades of the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) between England and France. More information...

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Great Bascinet Pamplona, 14th - 15th century

  • made of rolled carbon steel plate (rusting mild steel)
  • satin matt brushed finish
  • inside black-painted against rust
  • steel rivets and buckles
  • inside textile liner
  • fully wearable
  • weight 3,4 kg (1.5mm thick plate)

This version of the famous Great Bascinet Pamplona endeavours to be one of the best done replicas as for its elaborated form. The long extended nose on the visor curves on lower neck protection. The visor is anchored to the hinges on the helmet bowl by means of two solid pegs. It can be tilted upward and worn in the up-tilted position. The front neck plate is partially movable. The lower edge of the visor sits inside the front neck plate. The plate can then hinge upwards without hitting the visor. The visor is perforated with many air holes in a “pasta strainer” pattern. The large neck protection sits on the shoulders, chest and back of the wearer´s neck. At the side view are front neck plate hinge lies almost vertically under the visor hinge.

This helmet can be made to measure after your measurements ‘1a’ to ‘1j’ in this measurement chart.

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8-Sep 2018
William Perina
verified review
Before I say anything, mine came off the shelf. The helmet I received arrived in excellent quality. All that was missing was the removable pins to discard the visor. This worked out for me however, as I intend to do full harness fencing with it at some point in the future and not having the the eyelet to catch a blade as it glances off might turn out more useful than a removable visor in my case. Though it might have been useful information to someone else who might have been more interested in reenactment and some more information in regard to the visor pins on the product page would be helpful.
27-Oct 2016
Daniel Bridgwater
verified review
Excellent replica of the Pamplona original. Good craftmanship to make this very attractive shape helmet. Well done to Helmut for his time and frequent communications in having this work of art made to accurate specifications. Many thanks!
22-Oct 2015
Philippe Rubin
verified review
Perfect : good quality, work and design. I also appreciated the conversation with Helmut. Thanks a lot

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