Klappvisor Bascinet Nuremberg, 14th century.

This medieval helmet is based on a German original from the 14th century. It is handcrafted from mild steel and has a thick, quilted cotton fabric inlay on the inside to protect the head from blows to the head. To ensure that the helmet sits firmly on the head, it is equipped with a chin strap with a brass buckle. More information...

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Klappvisor Bascinet Nuremberg, 14th century.

The visor is attached to the helmet bowl with a strong hinge, riveted approximately in the middle of the forehead. The visor can be lifted / unfolded with one hand. When closed, the helmet protects the entire head, including the face, very well. The visor is secured in the closed position with a buckled strap that goes around the entire helmet.

The tubular protrusions on the helmet are intended for tying the aventail, which creates additional protection for the neck and shoulders. The aventail is not included.

  • Material thickness: Gauge 16 / 1.519mm
  • Outer circumference of the helmet is approx. 78cm
  • Thanks to the soft padding, the helmet can be worn on a head with a circumferences of approx. 68-70cm
  • Dimensions:
  • Front to back: approx. 25.5cm
  • Side to side: approx. 20.5cm
  • Weight: about 3.2kg
  • Finish: polished

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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